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We help active people in The Woodlands, TX rebound from injury and resume the activities, hobbies, and sports that they aremost passionate about.

What’s holding you back from the activities you love to do?

If you’ve been dealing with some sort of injury, pain, or movement limitation then it’s likely you’ve already tried the self-help approach to pain relief only to get little to no results.

Perhaps you’ve been told by your physician or another healthcare provider to just rest and things will get better?

Maybe you’ve been using prescription pain killers or muscle relaxers only to find that they provide temporary relief, often have undesirable side effects, and don’t really fix the underlying problem.

It can be difficult to navigate pain relief on your own. And finding the right provider is a key to success. Just strolling into the closest Physical Therapy or Chiropractic clinic is a bit of a dice roll. Often times big chain Physical Therapy clinics have you double- or triple- booked with one therapist meaning you’re left in the corner pulling on an exercise band alone and without any guidance. Most of our clients who have had this experience are left unsatisfied and still in pain.

On the other side of the spectrum, Chiropractors provide effective short-term adjustments but try to sell you on long term plans and pain often returns quickly.

Is this starting to sound familiar?


Like you, many of our patients have gone through these same experiences before finding their way to our unique personalized, hands-on approach. Here are some of their stories!

I began having tingling and numbness down left arm with certain movements and at times of high stress, so I went to doctor who did MRI. Based on results of MRI, doctor recommended physical therapy to help my back issues. He sent me to Brian at MVMT 360 and after 5 weeks of therapy sessions I’m 95% free of the tingling and numbness. One of the things I like the most about Brian’s treatment is you know he cares about you as a client and that you have the tools and knowledge you need to maintain your physical health, even after your sessions are over with him. I’ll be back if I ever have any future issues!

-Sharon F

I was a very athletic guy when suddenly I couldn't do anything due to a muscle imbalance I had developed over time, to put it briefly. My back and my knee hurt so badly that everything I did on a daily basis put me in excruciating pain. I saw Doctors who wanted to slice up my knee, Chiropractors of all kinds that weren't getting the job done, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, and massage therapists over the course of 3 1/2 years. A friend of mine recommended Brian. I was skeptical because of the amount of money I had already put into so many other methods that had no success. I was so happy that Brian made me eat my words! The improvement has been incredible and its the best I've felt in 4 years. Soon I will be back to 100% and I'm not in pain all day anymore, which improves pretty much every aspect of life as everyone knows. It's nice not to have to remember the exercises because there are videos of all of them that are entered into the rehab program he sends out. I shut my mouth, I listened, and I put in the work the way he showed me. Even though it's part of the job, I can't help but feel like I owe him so much more for getting me back on track.

- Brandon F

What sets us apart from other Physical Therapy clinics and treatment approaches in The Woodlands, TX

  • One-on-one treatment sessions for a full hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapy A variety of highly effective hands-on treatment techniques that are tailored specifically to the type of injury or movement dysfunction you are experiencing
  • An emphasis on identifying and correcting faulty movement patterns in order to make lasting changes as well as improve performance in whatever activity, hobby, or sport you love to do
  • We treat a wide variety of injuries and chronic conditions and would be more than happy to discuss your specific situation over the phone to first make sure that we can help you and second, determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

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Meet Brian Morris owner and head therapist with MVMT 360 Physical Therapy.

Brian was born and raised in Houston but grew up locally in The Woodlands, TX. He received his Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and achieved his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Utah.

A lifelong learner, he continually strives to increase his knowledge and skill set. He recently joined the top 1% of Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapists after completing a 3 year Fellowship program in Manual Therapy with the Institute for Athletic Regeneration.

He started his career in an outpatient orthopedic clinic as a staff Physical Therapist and soon took over as Clinic Manager. The experience and leadership skills he acquired during his four years there were invaluable and lead to the start of MVMT 360 Physical Therapy.

As a clinician, he has a passion for helping people recover from injury and get back to the activities they love to do. He believes that every injury can be broken down into a mobility restriction, stability limitation, or often times a combination of the two. Identifying these deficits provides the foundation for improving movement patterns, enhancing performance, and making an impact on overall quality of life.

Move Better, Perform Better, Live Better

Looking beyond just treatment philosophy, it is well known that there is more to pain and injury than just the musculoskeletal components and understanding someones fears, joys, personal goals, and levels of stress are just as important.

“I strive to get to know the people I work with, not just they're injuries.” When he is not working, Brian spends the majority of his free time with his wife, Libby, and they're young sons, Theodore and Jude. He also enjoys golfing on the weekends.

“Right now, The Houston Zoo is a big hit in our house. So if it’s a Saturday or Sunday, there is a high probability we’ll be there looking at the giraffes, bears, tigers, and lions. My wife and I both have big families so we also enjoy spending as much time with them as we can.”


Restaurant: Superica
TV Show:
- All Time: Lost
- Current: Succession
Movie: Home Alone
Favorite Artist: Local Natives
Sports: Basketball, Football, and Golf
Team: Houston Rockets
Hobbies: Golf, Snowboarding, Surfing (Anything at the beach)


- Doctor of Physical Therapy
- Certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling
- Champion Performance Specialist
- TPI Certified

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