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Manual Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy isn’t just one specific hands on technique but rather a variety of techniques. Each one is used to treat different types of musculoskeletal impairments and limitations that are found during the initial evaluation. When looking at movement patterns with the human body it’s important to start with mobility. Mobility means “the ability to move or be moved freely”. This is of vital importance when we think about all of our joints and the muscles that surround those joints. If one joint is not moving properly because of a flexibility restrictions or faults within the joint mechanics, our bodies have to find new ways to perform. This is where injury typically happens. So when it comes to treatment if we don’t fix the mobility restrictions first with a combination of hands on manual therapy and targeted self mobilizations we can’t expect to change our bad movement patterns through exercise.

This principle of mobility first is one of the foundations of our treatment approach so that you can set the table for improvements in motor control, strength, power, and performance with all the hobbies and sports you love to do.

How much manual therapy will I need?

The amount of manual treatment largely depends on the type of injury you are currently dealing with and the types of mobility or soft tissue restrictions noted in the initial evaluation. What we’ve seen with most of our patients is the sooner we evaluate, diagnose, and start treatment the less manual therapy is required. The longer injuries persist and go untreated the slower the recovery process and subsequent treatment protocols.

Now can’t be applied across the board with everyone and should not be taken as a blanket statement. The reality is that there are a wide variety of factors that will impact a patients recovery from acute and chronic injuries such as age, overall health, diet, severity, injury history etc. We take these factors into consideration when developing all of our treatment plans, which helps us dictate how much manual therapy each individual patient needs to reach their goals.

Will I be sore afterwards?

This all depends on the type of manual therapy used during your treatment session. Often times there is some soreness associated with the joint mobility or soft tissue techniques that last between 24-48 hours. This soreness is completely normal within that timeframe but if it persists longer than 48 hours let your therapist know so that modifications can be made to the treatment plan.

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