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"I’m a competitive person and have played sports my whole life. Eventually, I discovered Crossfit and was hooked. I loved doing time-bound workouts 4-5 times per week. However, as most things do, all of this activity over all those years finally caught up with me. During the middle of a workout my back went out. I could hardly move without pain. An MRI showed that the disc between my L5/S1 was herniated. The bulge would pinch the nerve that ran down my leg and massive pain ensued.

That’s where Brian came in and restored my mobility. His expertise and dedication to correct movements is evident in the way he evaluates and diagnoses the problems he has seen in me. And, his knowledge of dry needling and its ability to have immediate symptom relief has been instrumental to my livelihood. I say that because my back went out at the worst time, when my wife was giving birth to our first child! Imagine not being able to help around the house at all with a newborn because you can't move...that is why Brian is a life saver! I completely trust him with getting my body back to where I want it. I am as good as new and with some minor scaling on certain exercises I avoided surgery and can still do the workouts I love! Thanks Brian!." - Parker A.

"I’ve always been an active person, with anything from yoga to training for half marathons. About four years ago I started struggling with pain behind my right shin while training for a half marathon. My pain got progressively worse as I increased my mileage. I tried everything from deep tissue massage to taking long periods of rest and eventually had to give up running all together. My husband did physical therapy with Brian for his lower back pain and had great results, so I was inspired to seek his expertise as well. He came to my house to assess the injury and within a few treatments I was back running again—pain free!

I was recently in need of his services again after my husband and I had our baby girl. I had been experiencing chronic low back pain and pain in my left shoulder from carrying my daughter. Brian patiently listened to me and was able to provide targeted treatment as well as functional tips to change the daily habits feeding my pain. I also want to add that Brian is a life saver with his ability to do home visits! Having the therapy come to me made it so convenient since I was at home taking care of my daughter. Thanks Brian for all you have done to keep me and my family healthy." - Katie A.

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